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Korea Monument

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Dedicated - September 10th, 2016

From June 1950 through July 1953, American military forces fought to turn back an invasion of Communist North Korea into Democratic South Korea. The war has never officially ended, but an Armistice Agreement was signed on July 27, 1953. There is still no peace treaty.

Over 33,000 Americans were killed on the battlefields of Korea, including 27 Bedford County men.

Thank you Korean War Veterans for serving in this difficult time. We have not forgotten.

Honoring the Fallen

Bedford County Pennsylvania - Korean War - Killed in Action

Bedford County’s Korean War Monument was completed in 2016. The black, granite obelisk stands 11 1/2 feet tall. It lists the 27 Bedford County men who died during the war. Click below for a complete list of those 27 Veterans.

Korea KIA List

Divided at the 38th

Bedford County Pennsylvania - Korean War Monument

The Map of Korea (as it exists in 2016) is a country that remains divided along the 38th Parallel. The map is carved into the front diamond shape.

The Honor Walk

Bedford County Pennsylvania - Korean War - Killed in Action

The circular Honor Walk around the monument features the name and military service of Korean War Veterans.

The Honor Walk is still open for Korean War Veterans.

Order a Brick

Bedford County Pennsylvania - Korean War - Honor Walk Order Form

Honor Walk bricks cost $150 and can be ordered by clicking the link below.

Call (814)623-1771 for more information.

Order Form

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Visitors to the town of Bedford can pay tribute to the men and woman of the county who served in the armed forces in our nations military.  To date, monuments to WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam veterans have been erected in the square.     The citizen effort to bring Veteran's Grove to life continues with the proposed expansion of the Vietnam memorial and addition of the Bedford County Veterans Honor Path.

Veterans' Grove • Bedford County, PA

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